Electric Bicycle Controller Kits - SVMC45M01

Sabvoton Controller offer the kits for convert electric bicycle, the 45A e-bike controller kits works together with TFT UKC1 display and PAS sensor. It's easy to connect with SVMC-M models controller, plug to plug directly. This Controller kits with sine wave controller works with high efficiency, less noise, and lower energy consumption, which makes your electric scooter or electric bicycle more comfortable and easier to control. Our designed worked well for 45A e-bike controller kits, 45A sine wave controller, electric bicycle controller kits, BLDC bike motor controller kits,electric scooter controller with display

• FOC 180 sabvoton controller SVMC7245 applied to BLDC motor or PMSM.
• Easy connect, BLDC bike motor controller kits
• Soft start and no noise
• Programmable by PC & Phone APP
• EBS & Regenerative function support
• OEM & ODM Service support

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- Kits Including -
1) Sabvoton Controller SVMC7245-M
2) UKC1 Display
3) PAS Sensor

- Generally SPEC -

MQ(Sabvoton) sabvoton controller SVMC7245 - SVMC45M01 

1) Controller Model: SVMC7245-M V2
2) Display Model:  UKC1 display
3) PAS sensor with 8 magnet design

4) Available Battery Voltage 36V-72V rated

5) Available Motor Power 1000w-1500W

7) DC Current 45A

7) Working Communication Hall Sensor

8) Defaut Throttle Working Voltage 0V - 5V

9) Controller Design: 45A sine wave controller, electric bicycle controller kits

13) No.2 / APT Commnunication Protocol

 - Controller Design -

45A e-bike controller kitsprogrammable sine wave controller, With Hall Plug, 120 degree Phase Angle.

Functions: Hall,  Throttle, Light Power, PAS, Throttle, Alarm, Speed Limit, Low Brake, Three Speed, Display, Reverse, Phase wires, Power wires.

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