Sabvoton controller models list

For our controller (sabvoton MQCON), we have some different models below, which could be apply for electric mini scooter, electric bicycle, electric scooter, electric motorycle, electric mini car, electric golfcart etc., design for brushless dc motors with hall sensor:

1. Models Different

SM (No. 2 meter), 36v-48v, 18A 30A

ML(hall meter, phase meter), 36v-72v, 45A-80A

SVMC (hall meter, phase meter), 36v-96v, 45A-200A

SVMC-M (APT meter, No. 2 meter), 36v-72v, 45A-200A

SM model are suitable for electric scooter.

ML model are suitable for electric scooter and bicycle.

SVMC and SVMC-M model was different with functions and PCB board. SVMC are suitable for electric bicycle(no PAS), electric scooter, electric motorcycle, electric small car with hall meter design. SVMC-M are sutaibel for electric bicycle(with PAS) and electric mini scooter design. For mass order, the functions can be for choice. The fundamental distinction is in which instrument is used for matching, i.e. the controller and display communication protocol type.

all models.jpg

2. V1 & V2

V1 and V2 is only different in cover size. All models support V1 and V2 cover. You can choose it according to your installation space.

3. Harness Customize

The normal one is not waterproof type, it could be customized for mass order.