Sabvoton controller temp sensor function

Sabvoton controller support temp sensor function for high power controller, normally we add this function in the hall plug in white color, default we will use KTY83-122 temp sensor model. So pls. make sure your motor temp sensor with same model, otherwise it will not work proper.

Here take example for KTY83-122 and KTY84-130 temp sensor.
KTY83-122 84-130 mqcon.jpg
When in the same resistance like 828Ω, the KTY83-122 temp sensor shown in 0℃, and KTY84-130 temp sensor shown in 70.

For mass order, its support to customized with your pointed temp sensor model for match with.

And in the software, you can set the controller work temp and motor work temp accordingly.
We recommend the controller temp setting as default, the motor wok temp can be set according to motor feature.
1) Unwork temperature: When  controller  temperature  exceed  the value,it will close the pwm and stop running We recommend about 90, it should be smaller than 100℃.
2) Rework temperature: When controller enter temperature protected ,the controller stop running ,then the temperature will come down ,when it is under the value , the controller can running again in limit current mode. We recommend about 80℃, it should be smaller than the unwork temperature.
3) Limited current temperature: When controller  temperature exceed the value, it will limit current output, and the motor torque will be limited", We recommend about 70℃, it should be smaller than the Rework temperature.

temp set.png
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