Sabvoton ignition functions

For each sabvoton controller, there comes with ignition function. 
SVMC model with ignition wires to connect with ignition part. SVMC-M model with ignition function in display, when you open the display, it means the ignition open, or you can add a ignition part for using with SVMC-M, then you need to open ignition and open display which comes with two steps for power on controller(it depends on your choice). 

When connection, make sure the postive and negative wires are correct. 
Like SVMC72150 model, it means the controller can be used in 36v-72v, so the ignition wire can be connect with battery 36v-72v battery positive, pls. remember to adjust the controller volt data in sfotware addordingly, otherwise it will show error code and not work. 
sabvoton ignition mqcon.jpg

svmc-m model ignition mqcon.jpg
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