Sabvoton controller PAS sensor

Sabvoton controller model SVMC-M models was speical for electric bicycle/ebike application which comes with PAS function.

Torque sensor assist technology

The torque sensor assist technology is a high-end symbol of modern electric bicycles. Riding with electric drive and auxiliary manpower, without pedaling or walking, is completely different from pure electric riding. The torque sensor helps the riding feel very comfortable, relaxed, smooth, and good following. Excellent climbing performance against wind. The major advantage of torque-assisted riding lies in energy saving and environmental protection; due to the participation of manpower, the power consumption of the limited energy of the lithium battery vehicle is reduced. Compared with the pure electric drive mode, the battery capacity can be reduced by half under the condition of ensuring the same continuous mileage, the volume, weight, and cost of the battery can be greatly reduced. The power and weight required by the motor can also be reduced, and the weight of the vehicle will be significantly reduced. reduce. In the case of the same battery capacity, the cruising range can be increased by 2 times, and the battery life will be significantly extended. The torque sensor uses the fusion of the motor output power and the riding output pedaling power to provide a comparable riding experience.

And the PAS gear can be adjust by TFT display button. 
PAS function mqcon.jpg
TFT display PAS mqcon.jpg

Some customer tested PAS function and feedback us it's not work, then you could check below iterms.
1. Does the installation of PAS direction is correct or not? 
2. Check the display PAS setting,
 Y to N, or N to Y. And to N, or N to Y.
3. PAS sensor installation should be around 1-3mm distance with magnet, otherwise it will not work.

I tested in both direction but nothing change. I also tested the sensor with a multimiter and seem to work correctly. Mt first tests was with sensonr mounted on bike but nothing appened. I can try one more time this evening


its work!!!

it was my mistake. Probably when I made the first test the START CLOCKWISE was wrong After that when I test it with the PAS sensor part from bike the wheel dont spin long enough to start the motor.  Anyway, sorry for wast your time and thank you so much for your support."  ----This is a feedback from our customer who worked well with PAS fianlly. 

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