Sabvoton ML SVMC Software Different

Sabvoton controller with ML and SVMC models which can be programmable by PC, SVMC models also support program by Phone APP, while ML models not support bluetooth adapter. 
ML controller with dedicated software(the simple one), and also comes with dedicated USB cable, which different with SVMC controllers. You can refer to below picture. 

Some customer want to use ML controller with SVMC software, it's not work even when you apply correct battery voltage (BAT+, BAT-), and connect orange ignition/e-lock connector to BAT+. TX shown in the interface is constantly blinking green no matter what you do, while RX stays grey. There is no communication/data transfer between the ML and the PC. Because it's not the correct software for ML controller. 

Btw, some ML controllers without program port, and some ML controllers with program port, pls. check it with our sales directly before you make order. 
ML VS SVMC mqcon.jpg

ML software & manuals:
SVMC software & manuals: