Sabvoton Controller Hall Plug

The Sabvoton Controller comes with hall plug out, which connect with motor hall plug directly.

One motor match with one controller, two motors need two controllers to match with, because one hall only could identify positioning one motor.

The Hall element is only a magnetic field sensor, and its function is to detect the position of the magnetic pole. Since the result measured by the Hall is only a pulse, it plays a role in controlling the speed of the brushless motor.

Here with some notice for Hall plug operation.

1. The hall of the motor is easily damaged because the hall sensor of the motor has poor antistatic ability. So keep you with antistatic ring when operate motor hall.

2.Hall plug with five wires, hall positive(red), hall negative(black),Hall signal A(yellow), Hall signal B(green), Hall signal C(blue). Pls. make sure the hall positive and negative connect correct color to color between motor and controller, otherwise it will damaged the hall sensor and cannot work.

3.The hall signal wires yellow/green/blue of motor and controller may with different cable order, so the match may not color to color(the same principle with phase wires connect).

so far motor and controller don't have a standard, so maybe you need make them to match by yourself while you only buy motor or controller from us(not a kits already tested).

 If the hall signal/phase wires connected wrong, the motor running with noise, hot and not smoothly. In that case motor and controller cannot work properly, pls. interchange the phase color wire of motor & controller. There are total 36ways for connection, and the 4ways should be runs soomthy, the 2 ways is to fun forward, the other 2 ways is run reverse, so only 2 ways are correct.

4. Our controller hall plug can be customized for mass order. It could be waterproof type and normal type for choice, female or male optional. More design can be support if it’s not including in below picture. 
hall mqcon.jpg

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